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Posted By: SharonA
16-Aug-09 - 09:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Vick, dog-fighter, is an Eagle
Very well put, Bobert. I watched, too, and Vick was showing other classic cues that he was lying, besides the darting eyes: he licked his lips; he gave some evasive answers; he sat back in his seat as if to be as far from the interviewer as possible (sometimes to the point that part of his head was out of the camera frame).

As was pointed out in the 60 Minutes segment by James Brown, Vick had been carefully groomed, coached and rehearsed for that interview by his attorneys and media staff. Based on that, and on his past behavior (including his contradictory statements in 2007 and his deceptiveness during a pre-sentencing polygraph test when asked about the killing of the dogs), it's impossible to determine whether anything he said in today's interview was sincere. I think we'll have to wait until he makes some spontaneous comments to reporters to see what his true mindset is. Hopefully he will not make any more spontaneous gestures such as giving fans the finger, as he did in Atlanta.

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Q: This thread's purpose is the same as any other Mudcat thread's purpose: to allow people to give their opinions on a given subject. This thread's subject is the signing of Michael Vick to a multi-million-dollar contract by the Philadelphia Eagles, and reaction to the news by fans and others. So, yes, it's about Vick's punishment for his crime and his subsequent (and oh-so-rapid) reinstatement into the NFL.

If you wish to talk about the problem of dogfighting in American society here, you are certainly welcome to do so; it is not unrelated to the subject of this thread, but it was not my primary purpose in starting this thread. My primary purpose was to vent my frustration with a different problem: the problem of a legal system and a big-business economy that, working in tandem, give major sports stars with felony convictions some major breaks that the rest of us would never get.

But since you are so unfamiliar with Michael Vick, I suggest that you do a good bit of research into his background and his criminal case before posting again to tell the rest of us who is saying "sensible words about Vick and dog-fighting" and who is not.