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Posted By: GUEST,InOBU Lorcan Otway
20-Aug-09 - 05:21 AM
Thread Name: Depression era childrens' songs
Subject: RE: Depression era childrens' songs
S'"t' hum yer speaking to hum
S't' hum yer speaking to hum
Sharrup or I'll knock you dead
The noive of you to speak to me
is a thing like I've never have hoid
Abe Lincoln they filled him with lead
Your living you aught to be dead
so go take a hike, you low down kike
S't' hum yer speaking to s't' hum

Here is one Mum was taught by the Irish kids in Boston about 1926 - (she was born in 20)She and the other Jewish kids had songs to sing back at them, but she forgets them. Her parents went nutz when they heard her singing this...