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Posted By: wysiwyg
02-Aug-00 - 05:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Subject: RE: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots

Why the hell not. Yes, Praise gets mad. And I am taking the gloves off. And I will probably be sorry, but this has been eating me for more than a day and dammit, I am here too!!!!!

I am supposed to be too Christian to get mad or hurt, but I'm not perfect, and you know what really hurts here at the Mudacat is when a friend or (someone who has at least been a civil acquaintance) starts up with mocking Christianity. Why? It certainly is not usually directed in those cases at me personally, but it hurts more than any of the flames that were directed at me personally.

It's because when you do that, you act like you forget I am even here, and all the others who find that humor really offensive and are thus reinfdorced in never talking about their own spirits. Do you know what it is like to keep the most imprtant thing about yourslf separate just because someone who decides to go into idiot mode will get their panties in a wad for a few freaking minutes?????

It's likie always trying to be a good nigger, a silent Jew, a submissive woman, so as not to get noticed and targeted for all the insanity and violence our society offers its minorities.


There is a lot of crap that is put out in the world as "Christianity." NO SHIT!!! Duh!!! But look. If it needs mocking, trust me, we Christians are all too good at doing it for ourselves, with each other, and to each other. Come to church and watch us cut each other and the people in other churches to ribbons over coffee, ha ha ha.

I get a lot of PMs from Christians here who tell me, in effect, it just isn't safe to identify themselves here. I think they are wrong, I think that is just not so, and I try to act like it, but that's the feeling. So they are here, and they "pass" just like a light skinned African American might pass. Heads down in the trench. Is that how you want your fellow Mudcatters to feel???

Hello! Would you like it if I came in and posted stuff mocking your faiths or belief systems? I may talk about mine, but I don't do it by accusing any other belief system of the stuff mine is accused of, and I don't appreciate it when others do. And mine is supposed to be the intolerant one, remember?

I am tired of bursting into tears when someone I thought "got it" goes off in a direction that makes me feel like crap before I can even get a grip on my head and calm myself down.

And I am really tired, much more tired, of knowing that what hurts me is hurting a lot of people I am coming to know as dear friends.

And I don't want to see any PMs apologizing either, or cheering me on, or reassuring me that no one is hurt by that kind of thing.

Just knock it the hell off and think before you post.