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Posted By: Catrin
02-Aug-00 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Subject: RE: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Two points I want to make.

The first is, Praise, I for one completely respect your beliefs even though they might not be my own - I would like to think that others would do the same for me. There are many many many more supportive mudcatters than otherwise. Nuff said, I know you asked for "And I don't want to see any PMs apologizing either, or cheering me on, or reassuring me that no one is hurt by that kind of thing." But this is a 'garbage dump' after all. And I needed to say it.

The second point is that Sinsull - I so agree with you. I have seen the trolls and the flamers and avoid completely. Why do people feed their egos by responding?

If a thread is started by someone who is obviously trying to wind people up - IGNORE IT. In case its too subtle for us newbies then put your request in about asking others not to respond. If its a stupid comment in what is otherwise an interesting discussion, then act like it hasn't happened, carry on the conversation - they'll soon get bored.

Saying that, I do understand the need for a thread like this one - Its the only way I, for one, felt that I could say what I felt about the whole 'flaming' issue.

Thanks for listening,