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Posted By: John in Brisbane
02-Aug-00 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
Subject: Digital Tradition for Windows- Donkey Works
If you've downloaded the entire Digital Tradition Database, Donkey Works is an excellent FREE program for PC's with Win 95 or later. This is a great way to explore the treasures in the Digital Tradition offline. Apart form being free, the searches are more versatile than an on-line Internet search and don't consume air time or attract timed call charges.

And you can print direct from the program with your choice of font, or copy the text into your favourite word processor.

For DonkeyWorks click here

Regards, John

Sheet Music for Digital Tradition Songs

I'm trying to figure out how to better get tunes. Searching lyrics is OK, but I'm having problem with tunes. I really want sheet music, so I downloaded ABC2win and found the 'post tunes here' Mudcat thread, but found only unindexed posts. Also, I haven't figured out how to convert the ABC notation to sheet music without having to cut and paste. Any advice?

From the forum you will have to cut and paste in order to produce sheet music from the posted abc's OR the miditxt. If you have a program that will import midi's - then you can use the midi's in the database and/or on Alan of Oz's mudcat midi site. Check out NoteWorthy Composer.
There is a site called Yet Another Digital Tradition (click) listed on our "links" page. It has the ability to convert the tunes from our database into various formats, including sheet music.
For converting tunes not yet in our database, you may want to look at the Mudcat ABC Tune Guide and the Mudcat MIDI Guide.