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Posted By: JamesJim
03-Aug-00 - 12:27 AM
Thread Name: Busking - What are you paid?
Subject: RE: Busking - What are you paid?
Thanks for all of this response. I asked the question initially because I felt my City (Louisville, Ky.)was being a bit cheap, but I see that some of you get no upfront money at all. Regarding the "uniform," I don't mind. I can sing whatever I want to sing (no censure) and it's easy to sing something of some cultural or political significance. I'm retired and frankly I sing for just the love of it. It's a challenge to me to get busy people's attention and perhaps make them smile or receive a special message. The only serious problem I have had is with a few "rent-a-cops." They hassle us when we unload/load our instruments in a no parking space. Last week we put up a stage and sound system in our Galleria and had to actually drive a pick-up onto the open mall to get near the doors. You would have thought we had committed a federal crime. One day one of my friends had his very talented son come down to play with him. He didn't have a uniform (the t-shirt) and the rent-a-cop, full of his importance, would not let the 12 year old continue playing. Fortunately, we do have some help from our City with this and they are trying to tone down these little men in blue. I find that the people love our music. It's true that dollar bills blow away and there's always the chance someone will decide to "lift" a few from my case. Still, I have enjoyed the few times I have busked this year. If I had to do it every day, I'm sure I'd feel different. Keep singing! Jim