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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
25-Aug-09 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: The re-Imagined Village
Subject: RE: The re-Imagined Village
I could add that it's not the hardware that makes things English, but the software of culture. The Northumbrian Pipes, for example, may have originated on foreign shores, but the actual musical vocabulary is unique to the region. The bass guitar may well have been invented in America, but it has found its place in many musics the world over, including England with the musicians I've mentioned and a lot more besides. The hardware of the Saxophone may well have been invented by a Belgian, but it was the African-American jazz musicians who give it a musical voice, which then goes out - England, Africa, Scandinavia, Scotland - and people find their own voices on the instrument, giving it the unique and diverse cultural flavours one finds in Jazz the world over.

Only WAV would suggest that only Belgians should play the Saxophone; only WAV would suggest that Jazz is an American music - purely because his only interest in music is as a means to justify his evil Fascist & Racist ideology. He refuses to take facts on board because to do would mean he'd have to change his embittered misanthropic world-view, the manifesto that is his wholly idiotic Life's Work, which to him operates as an absolute universal law. I don't know about a crippled intellect but it's certainly a twisted one - one that openly celebrates ignorance and refutes learning and ongoing development as being somehow contrary to the common good. Still, when you've got your head shoved as far up your own arse as WAV has, it must be difficult getting a clear view of things.