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Posted By: mandotim
25-Aug-09 - 02:19 PM
Thread Name: The re-Imagined Village
Subject: RE: The re-Imagined Village
That's fine, WAV, but it doesn't answer my question. You have frequently said in absolute terms that people of a particular culture should not perform music from another culture. If you had the power, how would you stop them? What measures would you take? Education merely encourages people to act in a particular way, with varying degrees of success. Your imagined world of each culture sticking rigidly to it's own mores and folkways implies that there must be a much greater degree of control. We have some fairly rigid rules in our culture, and these are generally enforced by legislation. Your approach is also rigid, and I would therefore like to know how you would enforce the rules. Oh and by the way; as demonstrated ad nauseam on this board, you don't play the flute, you play the recorder.
Now the academic bit; you have extrapolated from the attendance at a single event in one part of the UK, with no supporting evidence, and used this suspect data to make a wholly spurious link between the age profile in the room and the effect of a non-existent national education policy decision to 'explain' the decline of English folk music as a part of national culture. If I was peer reviewing this argument WAV, I'd be calling your alma mater in Australia and checking your alleged qualifications. I'd expect a better standard of academic rigour from my children when they were at secondary school. Surely you can see the huge holes in the logic?
Want to have another go at answering the question? I'm going out now to play music. It's American Bluegrass, and you can spend the evening condemning me if you like. I don't really care; I'll be playing to a pub full of urban English people, and chances are they'll be having a great time, not knowing how wrong they are to enjoy such alien music.