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Posted By: Genie
25-Aug-09 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: Screw loose - Do I need a Martin luthier
Subject: RE: Screw loose - Do I need a Martin luthier
Peace: Yes (Would you want to walk into your local guitar repair shop and say "I need a screw because my G string is ..."?)

and, Micca: Glad to see you're in fine form, as usual.   (Severn will be very jealous.)

As for the "vintage" part, it's over 50 years old but I don't know if that qualifies as "vintage" in everyone's book.

I'm told via PM that, just as Songbob says, I can probably just get the right kind and size screw from any guitar repair shop.   
I am pretty sure the screw was missing for quite some time before the gear came off.

I wouldn't dream of removing another screw or otherwise tampering with any of the working tuning pegs. I couldn't be sure that the screw wouldn't be stripped or the wood damaged by doing that with an instrument this old. Why take the chance?

I don't have a warranty on this guitar because (sob story) it was given to me by the original owner. Even if I had the bill of sale, which I don't, the lifetime warranty would apply only to the original owner.   

I have considered replacing the tuning pegs with Waverly pegs (and keeping my original Martin pegs), but I'm not there yet.   I have no intention of ever selling this guitar, and I'm leaving instructions in my will to see that it gets handed down to family members who will play it and take care of it.   The original pegs would be there in case someone wanted to "restore" it.    But the original pegs work pretty well (it stays in tune amazingly well), so for now I just want to get the A string (it was the A, not the D) peg working again.