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Posted By: GUEST,TJ in San Diego
26-Aug-09 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: Origins: America, The Beautiful
Subject: RE: Origins: America, The Beautiful
No insult intended to anyone, but I'm fairly well disgusted with "political correctness" and all its extremes. It has robbed us of the ability to laugh even at ourselves. Every sentence is parsed to make certain absolutely no one is offended in any possible way. It reminds me of Ernest Gallo's comment that "We make our wine to offend as few people as possible." The result is blandness and, perhaps, inoffensiveness without vigor or much substance.

I tire of the arguments of revisionists who try to judge the actions of historical people by the standards of today. Since some are so wary of the very mention of God, I include atheists and agnostics, who are perfectly entitled to their views, so long as they don't trample on the rights of the majority, who still seem to believe in some form of Deity. Vice versa. I'll just cite the old native American adage, "Walk a mile in my moccasins." And I still admire the song, whatever Ms. Bates was thinking at the time.