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Posted By: MGM·Lion
27-Aug-09 - 06:41 AM
Thread Name: Three-chord songs
Subject: RE: Three-chord songs
No-one in all this thread has pointed out that many songs in the minor can be played with two chords — i.e. the tonic{1} minor + the RELATIVE MAJOR of the dominant{5}.

To illustrate: someone mentioned Drunken Sailor a bit back: — play a D-minor to accompany the first line; a C-major {relative major to A-minor, the 5th of the scale of D-minor} thru the 2nd line; D-minor again thru the 3rd line; and the fourth line in C-major apart from returning to D-minor for the last syllable ['-ning']. Try it and you will see what I mean. This technique can be adapted to many, indeed most, songs in the minor.

[To put it slightly differently, avoiding what may be confusing refs to 'relative majors/minors': play your minor key tonic chord [e.g. D-minor] alternated with the major chord one tone below [which would then be C-major].