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Posted By: Stringsinger
27-Aug-09 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Origins: America, The Beautiful
Subject: RE: Origins: America, The Beautiful
Izzy Berlin wrote a classic song that was misappropriated by political hacks. His original intention was to write a song of peace. That is was used as a pretext for phony patriotism is not his fault, very much in the way that Dixie was stolen by a Southern New Orleans publisher from Dan Emmett and used as a propaganda vehicle for the South.

America The Beautiful is a remarkable wedding of words and music. It appears seamless in that is suggests a single composer/author. What a great collaboration!

The words were prescient about "thine alabaster cities gleam and ....... in spite of human tears" or the nobleness of those who sacrificed their lives in the wake of 911.

I'd say it could be a folk song eventually. It needs to be rewritten to suit new environments by many people.

Frank Hamilton