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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
28-Aug-09 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: origin: Nkosi Sikeleli Afrika
Subject: RE: Nkose Sikelele Africa
Not just South Africa - Tanzania also uses the tune, with Swahili lyrics.

Here's a YouTube clip of the Tanzanian version, with a very pleasant film to go with it, and an infectious guitar accompaniment.   (By infectious I mean it makes you want to try and play it.)

Kiswahili Lyrics

Mungu ibariki Africa
Wabariki Viongozi wake
Hekima Umoja na Amani
Hizi ni ngao zetu
Afrika na watu wake.

Ibariki Afrika
Ibariki Afrika
Tubariki watoto wa Afrika.

Mungu ibariki Tanzania
Dumisha uhuru na Umoja
Wake kwa Waume na Watoto
Mungu Ibariki,
Tanzania na watu wake.

Ibariki Tanzania
Ibariki Tanzania
Tubariki watoto wa Tanzania.

English Translation

God Bless Africa.
Bless its leaders.
Let Wisdom Unity and
Peace be the shield of
Africa and its people.

Bless Africa,
Bless Africa,
Bless the children of Africa.

God Bless Tanzania.
Grant eternal Freedom and Unity
To its sons and daughters.
God Bless Tanzania and its People.

Bless Tanzania,
Bless Tanzania,
Bless the children of Tanzania.