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Posted By: bbelle
03-Aug-00 - 01:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Subject: RE: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Bart, ... thank you for the kind words. Everytime (and I do mean everytime) I post, I wait for "the other shoe to drop." It doesn't appear to matter what I post ... just, that I do post. The attacks have become very personal and straight for the jugular.

I responded to three of the most recent, even though I'm admonished to "ignore." But I was able to do it calmly. If I think I'm going to lose control, I will not respond.

It's a double-edged sword or damned if I do and damned if I don't. If I do respond, I take the chance of being taken to task by those who say "ignore." If I don't respond, he has succeeded in silencing me.

I appreciate the fact that no one is adding to the fire when I am flamed and respond, because that only serves to turn the thread into a eddy of negativity. I also appreciate that I can click on this thread and see that others do care about me.

Even though I appear calm in my responses, when I read a "flame," it becomes difficult to breathe and I feel like I've been slapped across the face. It's important, for me, to know the support is "there."