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29-Aug-09 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: 'The Singer's Club'
Subject: RE: Folklore: 'The Singer's Club'
The thread's yomped a million miles from the OP's original innocent query about whether the Singers ever met in Kilburn in the 1950s, to which the answer is that we don't think it did until the 1980s.

"Hootenanny" has an unseemly interest in trying to expose my under-age pub-frequenting but suffice it to say that the only bar I've ever been ejected from by reason of youth is the Bedford when we were sent as a junior clogging team to Sidmouth in, I think, 1959. I know it wasn't 1960 as we were in Rome not watching the Olympics. We simply crossed the road and kicked up a racket on the promenade, possibly inventing the practice for all I know. I'd already been getting into the Bridge after school with the rest of the La Sagesse bratpack since the age of about 13 so it was puzzling.

Topic is a fine thing to have and here's to the next 70 years and let's not forget about Gerry Sharp, Mr Engle's eminent predecessor, nor additionally forget that Topic too have a huge hiden archive that's not commercially available. Said Mr Engle got so pissed off at my agitation for a remastering of his own Oak recordings that he rold me to have a go at Rod Stradling instead. Result. Musical Traditions re-released it. Same with Robin Dransfield. His only solo Topic recording together with live unreleased material came out on a similar double CD quite recently. Hurrah for those who slave away with Pro-Tools on their kitchen tables. They're today's equivalent of Ewan, Peggy & Charles Parker with tape reels and razor blades preserving the People's Voices.