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29-Aug-09 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: 'The Singer's Club'
Subject: RE: Folklore: 'The Singer's Club'
Dear Ms Borchseter Echo,
I can assure you that I have interest at all regarding your drinking habits. My reason for asking at what period you frequented the Ballads and Blues Club is that I got the impression from your various contributions that you had been a member or at least attended as a visitor. The fact that you haven't answered but told us about your 1960 holiday instead would indicate that you never did. Therefore much of what you post would appear to be hearsay or something you once read. You refer to Peggy's writings and as Jim says and I agree she does get some dates wrong something that is quite easy to do and is no big crime. I have no axe to grind with Peggy or Ewan. I knew Peggy more than Ewan through taking lessons (NOT ON HOW TO SING) from her and the last time we met we had quite an enjoyable time recalling those days upstairs in the Greek restaurant in Coram Street.
I usually get involved in these postings because people constantly seem to confuse the Ballads & Blues Club and the later Singers Club and I try in my humble way to correct things that I beleieve to be incorrect.
I believe that Rod Stradling and Tony Engle both do a great service for the folk music world but no matter how well you do a job there is always someone who knows better just how it should be done.

To return to the oriiginal query, as far as I am aware the Ballads & Blues Club never was in Kilburn, certainly not while I was involved. I believe the farthest north west in London that we got was at The King & Queen at Paddington Green and at the risk of starting another argument it was there where I first saw Alex Campbell perform and Ewan took offence because Alex recited a Glasgow kids poem about farting. Most peopl found it mildly amusing.

On that low note I will close.