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30-Aug-09 - 09:05 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: 'The Singer's Club'
Subject: RE: Folklore: 'The Singer's Club'
The Hootenanny person is quite right is noting that I haven't a clue who he is. We have all, however, observed him badmouthing Ewan MacColl on the most convoluted of pretexts and, indeed, we all know plenty like him who do likewise without ever even having seen Ewan perform nor even having met him. They hear something here and read something there and leap to their wildly off-beam conclusions. H claims, however, to have known Ewan. Not all that well, it would seem and I'm not about to start smiling at duplicitous people who malign the departed who they allege were "friends" in this life.

However, this self-deluding individual now tries to pretend that he had a forerunner CCTV device on the door of the Princess Louise which proves categorically that I never entered its portals. Must have been out of order on quite a few Saturdays then. None of which has anything to do with the topic which is, after all, the Singers, not the B&B.

Maybe H should climb into a time machine and ask the serried ranks at the K&Q party he wasn't invited to where I was throughout the late 50s, the 60s, the 70s . . . 'Twould be quite hard to "get out" more than I do / have done. Where do I live?