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Posted By: wysiwyg
04-Aug-00 - 12:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Subject: RE: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
RE: Peter's comment, "I would have thought Christians were pretty used to that by now..."

This is a general reply, not meant to be directed at Peter, who just raised the question.
A. Sometimes it is that bad.
B. Christians have feelings too.
C. Not all Christians have been such for long.
D. There is still no substitute for really getting to know another human being, including Christians, especially when you have a lot of stereotypes in the way with the ones you do know.
E. Many who are currently Christian were something else first, and thus have some insights into other traditions.
F. Many who are not Christian never were, and thus have little insight into our traditions.
G. I am having trouble finding very many threads or posts that bash non-Christian belief systems as fast, as perniciously, or as unthinkingly as the ones that mock Christians. H. All of the above.