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Posted By: Tim Jaques
03-May-98 - 05:16 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Mary Ellen Carter PARODY (Blue/Rogers)
Subject: RE: new Stan Rogers parody
He was an Anglophone, although I believe of Irish descent.

He mentions a Wyandotte on the song about the area where I live, The Nancy, but the native doesn't do much except to tell the captain of the Nancy that Amherstberg had fallen. (Incidently, The Moy or Moy Hall was on the Detroit River, not on Lake St. Clair as he has it. It stood between what are now Hall and Moy Avenues in Windsor, Ontario.)

You can't expect him to have sung about the native or French experience. That would be Voice Appropriation, which is Not A Good Thing In The 1990's. There are plenty of native and French people to look after that. Stan probably sang what he knew about. He was ahead of his time that way. You may as well say that Robertson Davies was not a good author, because he wrote about southern Ontario for the most part and didn't get into the other parts of Canada about which he knew little. Similarly, David Adams Richards sets all his novels in New Brunswick, and most Quebecois authors set theirs in Quebec.

I have it on excellent authority that a new CD of previously unreleased Stan Rogers material will be out some time this summer. I don't know what's on it but I hope some traditional or quasi-traditional Canadian folk songs, as he had a good feel for them.

Yes, he apparently was hard to get along with in the sense that he didn't suffer fools lightly. I know a man here who used to sing on the same folk club circuit as him back in the 1970's who is of this opinion.