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Posted By: Jim Dixon
02-Sep-09 - 12:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Recruiting Sergeant
The song that Q posted above is a version of ARTHUR McBRIDE or ARTHUR McBRIDE AND THE SERGEANT, which are in the DT, with links to several threads.

This one is from The Universal Songster: Or, Museum of Mirth, Volume 3 (London: Jones and Co., 1834) page 379:

Air—"Darby Kelly."

WHEN first I heard the drum and fife
Strike up a march so neatly, O!
I thought I never in my life,
Heard music sound so sweetly, O;
The soldiers they in coats so gay,
Retreating and advancing, too;
With martial air, to win the fair,
It set my heart a-dancing, too;
Brown Bess I seized, the girls were pleased,
I looked so smart, you don't know how,
They laughed and cried, and sighed and died,
When first I joined the row-dow-dow.

But when no joke at all they found,
But that I must be going, O!
In tears they every one were drowned,
Their grief so overflowing, O!
But off I went, abroad was sent,
The mounseers fought so finely, too;
With blows and bumps, and whacks and thumps.
We paid 'em so divinely, too;
While cannon-shot flew thick and hot
Such sport it was, you don't know how,
Upon that day to cut and slay,
And all to the tune of row-dow-dow.

So well I liked the notion,
Of guns, and wounds, and all that there,
I quickly got promotion,
And now my sword and halberd bear;
Then every lad must sure be glad,
On terms like these with me to list,
Here's glorious fame, a hero's name,
Besides ten guineas in your fist;
Which, if you live, will pleasure give,
And if you die, you don't know how,
Your praise 'twill raise, to end your days.
And all to the tune of row-dow-dow.