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Posted By: Peter T.
04-Aug-00 - 04:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
Subject: RE: BS: Garbage dump for responding to idiots
With great respect, Praise, A-H are not remotely a response. G is about the closest. E can be easily reversed: virtually all the Buddhists I know were brought up as Christians and Jews, so they ought to have some knowledge of Christianity, and do. So what? It makes some of them tolerant, some intolerant. So with Christians and other religions they may have come from (I avoid the topic of missionary work). Why someone would be afraid to post here because of F makes little sense: almost nobody anywhere knows anything about Christianity any more, and very few people have any insight into anything. You seem to be suggesting that the only people Christians can talk to are other Christians or deeply sympathetic outsiders. This is hardly a robust Christianity. That leaves us with G which says that there are more mocking Christian threads here than others. I don't remember many mocking religious threads at all (except the various digs at the Prayer Circle, which seemed to be about as non-sectarian as these things get), but suppose you are right. So? Apart from the fact that there are more Christians here statisically anyway given that we live in the remnants of a Christian society, we are all mocked: God is not mocked. We have had at least one thread recently where people talked quite interestingly about religion, with only minor bruises. It seems like no big deal. A full scale attack on any identifiable religion seems to bring out the "let a thousand pathways bloom" strain around here in response. The question still stands: Why are these mysterious people afraid of identifying themselves as Christians here?

yours, Peter T.