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07-Sep-09 - 08:58 AM
Thread Name: What is The Tradition?
Subject: RE: What is The Tradition?
I take many of the points made above: but, while some categories can be stultifying, others can be useful. In a Folk Review article on this very topic [what else!?], I once wrote "If every item of household furniture was called a chair, we wouldn't know where to park our arses". My dear dead and still much-missed friend Peter Bellamy [a name to conjure with on these threads as the Who·Defines? one shows] liked my formulation so much that he took to quoting it in any & every discussion on the subject that arose for the rest of his all-too-short life. And it is a formulation I would still stand by — or we run the risk of getting back to the 'dreary axiom' [Bert Lloyd's description of it] about the bloody non-singing horse if we go on in this vein much longer...