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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
07-Sep-09 - 06:22 PM
Thread Name: The Ol Boys Folk Club & Festival Network
Subject: RE: The Ol Boys Folk Club & Festival Network
I dunno their names, but they're the folks who keep booking the same ol' acts, Dave.

Have Show of Who, upset me? Course not. I merely wiped them orf me Myspace page because I don't waste my words on those who don't appreciate them. I'm still desperately eager to read some words about them from their new fans though, over on fRoots...and I bet Ian A. has them lined up for a double page spread, so I can't wait to see that.   

I just get this sense of deja vu when it's the same old, same old, year upon year..same songs, same format, same festivals, same marquees.

There are so many talented people out there, with so much to offer, and it's just not fair that they don't get to headline, when they have talent bursting out.

You know, it's a strange world these days. Take modelling, or acting; you seem to have around 10 people who dominate their 'worlds' and that's all you get to hear about, yet the world is filled with beautiful women, fantastic actors, but nope, the same old faces.

Once, we had far more variety around, but even the folk world has fallen prey to the same few top acts, when 'top acts' abound in this musical world.

Perhaps it needs the folk world to break the mould, take a deep breath and put on some of the people they *know* have huge talent, headline them.

I bet, if you wrote down the current headline acts of the folk world, many of us would say that we'd seen them over and again, yet so many more are struggling to get their music heard, and they richly deserve to *have* their music heard, but time and again, they're put into small pubs or clubs, somewhere down the road....when actually, they have the talent to fill the biggest marquees.

Maybe we need a Back to Front Festival, where the big acts play the small venues and vice versa. Now that would be a bit different, wouldn't it! :0)