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Posted By: Bill D
07-Sep-09 - 07:14 PM
Thread Name: What is The Tradition?
Subject: RE: What is The Tradition?
"The Tradition" is not a defined 'place', like a museum. It doesn't have specific, unchanging content, either. It is a concept...a word to refer generally to a body of material that has, by application, been deemed worth of being remembered as a source.....and obviously, not everyone sees the exact same items as belonging there.....but if you took everyone's list and extracted all the stuff that are on most lists, you have a general idea of what it is. (This, technically, is what is known as an 'ostensive' definition). That is, we list examples until we all recognize the basic concept.

A perfect one to look at is our very own "Digital Tradition", a collection of songs that (almost) everyone agrees fits the pattern, even if they might debate some of the details.

Younger generations? They do add things....but it detracts from the idea if items are added just because they are 'well-known' today. You lose the IDEA of 'traditional' if there is no basic test of time....