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08-Sep-09 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Lambs in the Greenfield (Emmylou Harris
Subject: RE: Chord Req: 'lambs in greenfields'
Okay. I'll try again. On the version below, there should be a D over 'play.' If there isn't, the chords have moved again during the submission process.

If so, go to the column below, copy the lyrics to the first verse and put the chord symbol that FOLLOWS the word ABOVE the word.

       A D   A          E    A                  D
The lambs on the green hills, they sport and they play
    E         A    E   A    D       A   D
And many strawberries grow round the salt sea
    A D            E      A       D
How sad is my heart when my love is away
    A          E             D A
How many's the ship sails the o-cean
lambs - A

on -D

the A

hills E

they A

play D

ma- E

-ber- A

-ies E

grow A

round D

the A

sea D

sad A

is D

when E

my A
-way D

ma- A

ship E

o- D

-cean A

I should mention that the song is in 3/4 time and the key is A.

If you listen to the link where Emmylou sings this song with Chieftains, you will hear her exercising a professional's technique on the word 'play.' She sings 'pleh' with a short e, as in 'red.' That's because the long A sound is a diphthong (eh-ee) and she simply stays with the first element of it on that very high, exposed, final note of the phrase.

In choirs, we do this in order to keep everyone on the same vowel. If we don't, the note sounds out of tune.

I have heard Steve Goodman, as well, change a final long A to short E at the end of a phrase.