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09-Sep-09 - 02:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Show Us Your Haggis? / The Haggis
Subject: RE: Show Us Your Haggis
Hi all,

Well, at least other people are having problems with the words as well as me, which is sort of comforting. Here's the best I've come up with, maybe it fills in a few gaps:

Scotland's got a dance for you, it's funky and it's new,
So don yer kilts and fill yer boots, we're bringing it to you.
You can do it on yer own, in pairs or do it in a crowd,
But wherever you do it, you gotta do it proud.

Show us your haggis, show us your haggis!

Show us your haggis, raise your right arm to the sky,
Stand on one leg, flip it round and shout "och aye".
Saltire for Scotland, and hoik it to the right,
And grab yer neebor's shoulder, and nessie through the night.

From Land's End to John o' Groats, abroad across the sea,
Just take the high road, not the low, five hundred miles to me.
Then we would walk five hundred more to bring this song today;
Oh what fun it is to do the haggis all the way.

With Bonnie Charlie's, raised right arm and left foot to his knee,
The haggis was invented proudly for the world to see.
Your sister and your mammy, even Aunty Mary too,
They'll raise their arms, and cock their legs, and shout, "Och aye, the noo!"

You Picts and Celts and Jacobites, and William Wallace too,
All foemen ----------------------------------------------- for me and you.
These wars[?]have been avoided and the enemy have fled [?]
From fifty thousand kilted jerks who tried this step and said [?]

Oh, when we lose at football, or when it rains all year,
We don't get too disheartened, we just don our haggis gear.
But if you think the nation's crazy, just remember this:
Well, if you smile--------------------------------------------