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Posted By: Amos
09-Sep-09 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
While your comeback was not without wit, it carefully avoided the point. Your interpretation of the law in question, Rent's Rule, was such that it might well have come from Hop On Pop or even Go Dogs, Go!.

As for the anal retentive terrorists, perhaps we should bring in psychiatric types who are more accustomed to dealing with the anal retentive type to learn how they might best be dissuaded. Probably by talking at them a lot...

SImilarly, you imply the Talbot effect would help the ignorant earhtlings around you understand the majesty of your insight into song derivations. The Talbot effect, as we all know, is the effect that produces duplicate images of a wave distribution when it is sent through a diffraction grating, repeated at intervals away from the center. Again, Wikipedia:

"When a laterally periodic wave distribution is incident upon a diffraction grating, its image is repeated at regular distances away from the grating plane. The regular distance is called the Talbot Length and the repeated images are called Self Images or Talbot Images. At half the Talbot length, a self image also occurs but is phase-shifted by half a period. At smaller regular fractions of the Talbot Length, subimages can also be observed."

This obvious has a great deal to do with the diffusion of song derivations, but only the Mighty may comprehend what, exactly, I am sure. Ptui, sirrah, you are a rascally villain and nothing else.