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Posted By: Folkiedave
10-Sep-09 - 04:45 AM
Thread Name: The Ol Boys Folk Club & Festival Network
Subject: RE: The Ol Boys Folk Club & Festival Network
Mike I understand what you are saying - not a problem.

But that isn't what the thread is about. It's about a group which Lizzie says exists that control the artists who get to headline at Folk Festivals.

She mentioned Sidmouth, she wants new younger directors.

From her first post:

So, I'm sorry if this upsets some people, but there are some people, running some festivals, who need a turnip shoved up their bums, because year after year after year, the same ol' people are booked as headlining acts at the same ol' festivals.

That is what it's about and if you agree with that then you need to show who and where.

At her "local" festival, Sidmouth there is a new Director under the age of forty-five.

I pointed to two highly succesful festivals that have started up in the past three years.

The fact is she cannot point to where this is happening. Instead she posts twaddle about not being able to remember her husband.

And actually Lizzie I am not asking a series of questions - just one really. It's called evidence.