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10-Sep-09 - 05:31 AM
Thread Name: The Ol Boys Folk Club & Festival Network
Subject: RE: The Ol Boys Folk Club & Festival Network
Just caught sight of this interesting discussion .... A good point indeed. I was the person responsible for booking and programmuing the song and music at Sidmouth for 2007 and 2008 which included of course all the concert platforms. I would really take issue with anyone who felt that I was part of the OB Network. It did and does exist though and I know of many so called 'folk snobs' who regard themselves as 'guardians of quality control' for the tradition. They bore me and always have done and they actually stand in the way of progress and keeping 'our music' whatever that is, alive and well!

Some did exist at Sidmouth but they have 'by and large' moved on but not all. I stopped after 2008 because I moved abroad. However, in recent years (before 2009) Sidmouth had booked many of those names mentioned above ... incl Duncan, George, Tom and Reg. I expecially had a leaning to new and young performers and tried to take risks when possible ... artists like Mawkin:Causley, The Unthanks, Last Orders, Outside Track, Border Fiddles, Bodega, Jim Moray, Jackie Oates, Wheeler Street, have all appeared at Sidmouth over very recent years, plus many more artists under the age of 30.

SoH too of course but it must be remebered that being the local heroes, they would always be a certain Bums on Seats concert. All festival organisers have to take a 'broad and balanced' approach to programming and always 'staright jacketed' by financial constraints. Those people who have truly experienced the burden of responsibility of trying to build a financially successful 8 day festival consisting of hundreds of events will understand that one has to some extent, leave personal desires to one side and make difficult choices based not only on artistic merit but other considerations also. There you go!