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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
11-Sep-09 - 04:06 AM
Thread Name: Folk Soundtrack for Your Nightmares?
Subject: RE: Folk Soundtrack for Your Nightmares?
Last night I dreamt I was in a darkly forbidding winter woodland lit only by a pale gibbous moon; I followed a light, through the trees, until I reached a clearing where stood an old shack - and though the light shone through the window, once within, there was no light. In the hearth I kindled a fire - a struck match, some tinder-dry twigs, and split logs, and soon I had the fire blazing. In came a cat, which changed into a squirrel as it ate the hazel nuts I offered it; and so we warmed ourselves by the fire, myself, sitting in the chair sensing a deep fearful dread about the place, and the squirrel perched on my knee. Next, sitting before me, there was a corpse, open mouthed, empty eye sockets, the skin stretch dry across the skull; and yet I knew there was a greater horror to come, even as the corpse began to sing In the east end of Derby there lives a working man - he said I cannot fly but my pigeons can - At this point I woke up in a cold sweat, screaming; and even now I shudder to but ponder the nightmare depths of folk...