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11-Sep-09 - 09:50 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Turtledove Done Drooped His Wings
Subject: RE: Origin: Turtledove Done Drooped His Wings
In case this is ever read by anybody who wasn't deluged by Bible stories from childhood on, I off the following gloss.


Turtle dove done drooped his wings
[Dove is the symbol of peace and of the Holy Spirit]

Went on Zion's hill to sing
[Zion - Jerusalem, where the Temple is, or Heaven]

Adam and Eve, no, no
Adam and Eve, don't tell it to me
[Adam and Eve brought sin into the world. caused us to lose the wonderful life in the Garden of Eden]

Meet me at the door, don't tell it to me
There's sasalido on salasaree
[In my opinion, this is a corruption of something else.]

My name is written on David's line
[David, famous for singing songs on the harp (?) has my name in his lyrics. Presumably up in Heaven, because David reigned about 1000 BC. We don't really know what instrument he played.]

I'm going home on the wheel of time
[google 'Ezekiel saw the wheel.']

When I get to heaven I know the rules
[Heaven has rules? Heck!]

I keep on down to the bathing pool
[Prob. a reference to a pool in Jerusalem which would rise suddenly at times and had healing qualities. May have been called Bethesda. Jesus healed a man who was too crippled to get to the pool.]