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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
12-Sep-09 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: does a lifted foot mean Stop?
Subject: RE: does a lifted foot mean Stop?
We have developed a sophisticated system of foot lift based communication down here in Floribama. One person lifting a foot means "Last time around." A second person lifting his foot cancels out the first person's lift and can mean either "Whaddaya mean 'Last time'? Can't you count to three?" or "Now wait a minute, dammit! I just now figured out the chords! We've gotta play it one more time!" If a third person lifts his foot, it cancels out the second lift and usually means "Jim Bob is an idiot and needs to learn the tunes on his own practice time! We've played this damned tune enough already!"

Then there's also the matter of lifting intensity. A foot tentatively lifted is interpreted as "I think it would be a good idea if we stopped after this time around." A more emphatic foot lift usually means "This has gotten boring. We really need to stop because the bass player just fell asleep and if that bass fiddle hits the floor it's gonna make one helluva racket!" Lifting an entire leg generally means "If we don't quit so I can go to the restroom, someone's gonna have to get a mop!"