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Posted By: Bob Bolton
14-Sep-09 - 12:39 AM
Thread Name: does a lifted foot mean Stop?
Subject: RE: does a lifted foot mean Stop?
G'day Mellisa ... and all following ...,

Allen in Oz (who often plays in the same groupings as I do - for Bush [Australian rural area-style] dances), in his par about 9 above ... then Rowan of renown in areas both south and north of my stretch of 'Big Smoke' attest to the current Australian dance band (if not "Session" practice of visibly swing the (usually right) leg out to signal to the rest that a dance is ending.

As Rowan states, a lot of dances have fairly fixed sets ... or specified set lengths ... so the signal isn't needed. Some other, less specific sets go until the caller makes threatening gestures with the lagerphone (bottle-top 'rattler' ... with definite descent on at least one side of the sheets from the German Teufelsgeige).