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Posted By: oldhippie
14-Sep-09 - 07:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sixteen Tons - parodies
Subject: RE: Lr Req: Sixteen Tons - parodies
Here's a new parody (as recorded by David Ford):

(Jim Gossett & Lars Larson)

Obama got elected, now there is no end
To Democrats who want to tax and spend
Tax and spend us into bankruptcy
With a tax cheat running our treasury

You spend two trillion bucks
What do ya get?
No recovery
But deeper in debt
Saint Peter better call me 'fore its too late
I owe my soul to the welfare state

Obama is a leftist, this he can't deny
Coming from the center was a great big lie
Karl Marx' Manifesto is his playbook
And you and me soon will be on the hook

You're spending two trillion bucks
In unsecured cash
Soon the dollar
Will be pure trash
Our bondholders we had to appease
We owe our soul to the Red Chinese

Obama and his people are making a mess
Bernanke's fired up the printin' press
Printing money that doesn't exist
No wonder America is getting peeved

Two trillion bucks
And they ain't done yet
Obama and Pelosi
Piling up the debt
I work hard for my money this I don't deserve
We owe our soul to the Federal Reserve