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Posted By: GUEST,Mr Red
15-Sep-09 - 07:25 AM
Thread Name: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
Subject: RE: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
Thankyou for the dance Jenny. I had a good time but........
I found the sound levels too high generally, causing sound leakage into quiet concerts. Typsy Jazz in the final concert being the exception. Full marks to them for choosing an appropriate sound level. You loose aural acuity at higher volumes, and lets face it, they are all about skill you want to soak-up in full.   And clarity is their weapon (after their mountains of skill). After that I popped-in my special ear-plugs (flat frequency response) and found Damien Barber just about comfortable, but he is about visuals and they were good.

Tickled pink were too loud, and I don't mean for my tastes. I have the figures and legally it was too loud for staff (including volunteers). Maybe in future years the directorate will put the legally required volumes in the contracts. Ignorance of the law is no mitigation. The band's new line-up made a welcome change - more danceable (mostly) but a good mixture of speeds, you can't have everything at one cadence.

BTW the legal limit is 98 dBC. Punters are not covered by the law. But it is a moot point about stewards who are not doing designated duties because stewards, for the purposes of emergency, are theoretically on duty at all times.