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Posted By: the lemonade lady
15-Sep-09 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
Subject: RE: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
It's this volume thing again. Shrewsbury and now Bromyard.

When I was singing in the Mews at the Falcon on Thursday night it was amplified. Mr Red, you were there when I started off my set from my seat. Could I be heard unamplified? What difference did it make when I got to the stage? Just wondered.   I felt that when the sound check was being done, it was too loud at that point, but was advised that it would be ok when the room was full of bodies. I don't know how I sounded at all, there was a bit of fold back but not much.

I agree with Mo the Caller about not needing amps in the Mews, actually.