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Posted By: Artful Codger
17-Sep-09 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question
Subject: RE: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question
Steve: Are you sure your 364s are both "Soloists"? Hohner's bare model numbers often refer to multiple models in a series. According to Hohner's web pages, the standard Marine Band 364 just has two more holes than the Marine Band, adding four notes to the top end, and comes in C, G and D, which would cover the ones you own. It is Richter-tuned.

It is not the Marine Band 364 Soloist I was describing. According to Hohner's site, this model is only available in C. Nevertheless, it likely does have all the usual failings of Marine Bands--plus those of the solo-tuning.

At the risk of going off-topic, why does your bending technique have to be perfect on XB40s, any more than on any other harp? And how is the 364 "fat in the mouth"?--have they widened the holes from the usual Marine Bands or are you referring to the extra length of the harp? Lately you've been making value judgments like this backed by attitude rather than explanation.

As for the superiority of the "Paddy Richter" tuning, the jury's out on that. But we've hashed this out elsewhere, and I'm not contesting that it's a useful tuning for purely diatonic, melodic work.