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Posted By: Paul Burke
20-Sep-09 - 06:04 AM
Thread Name: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
Subject: RE: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
Tech note: the dB levels referred to above are referenced to the auditory limit at 1kHz, which obviously varies between individuals, but has been standardised as 20 microPascals RMS. Perception is highly non- linear and frequency dependent, but is nearer to logarithmic than anything else, such that a 1000W amplifier doesn't sound 100 times as loud as a 10W amplifier, but more like four times as loud. And it's all complicated by absorption of sound- people are quite good absorbers, while solid walls reflect it, and so you need a lot more power for a big tent full of bodies than you do for a pub room with hard furnishings and 5 skinny folkies listening.

Which is tough for those on the front row of the big crowded tent.