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Posted By: Paul Davenport
20-Sep-09 - 11:54 AM
Thread Name: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
Subject: RE: Music: Back from Bromyard;Verdict?
Thanks for that vote of confidence Mo.
You asked, 'Is filling the tent unamplified more of a strain on the voice?' The answer is no. You need to project the voice rather than try to be loud. (Many singers don't understand the difference) This is done by breathing very deeply from the diaphragm. We had run the late night session in the football club the night before where the small room was packed and the problem was exactly the same as a big empty tent. However, there's another little trick involved and that's what you choose to sing. I can think of scores of songs both trad and not that I would struggle to project because of the way the melody moves.
We are what I describe as 'domestic' performers and for years the only singing we did was in the home and similar informal situations. Although we love doing concerts they're not our natural habitat and we have to work very hard in preparing for singing in a big space. Exceptions to this are 'The Cause' at Chippenham and 'Falcon Mews' at Bromyard. Both of these spaces do half of the work for the singer and you always hope for an audience that will contribute to the other half. The audience at the Final Sing at Bromyard were excellent and they did their part magnificently, allowing the singers to gain valuable respite during the choruses.