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Thread Name: Lyr Add: British Man of War
Subject: Lyr. Add: Susan's Adventures, in a man of war
The song sheets do not indicate a tune for this or British Man of War, so take your choice.
Lyr. Add: Susan's Adventures in a Man of War
"An Answer to the British Man of War." Anon.

Young Susan was a blooming maid
So valiant stout and bold,
And when her sailor went on board,
Young Susan we are told,
Put on a jolly sailor's dress
And daubed her hands with tar,
To cross the raging sea,
On board a man of war.
Oh, pretty Susan left her home,
and sailed away as far,
She braved the tempest storms & gales
Feared neither wound or scar,
And done her duty manually [manfully?]
On board a man of war.
It was in Portsmouth Harbour,
This gallant ship was moored,
And when young Susan shipped,
There were nine hundred then on board.
It was then she was contented,
All bedaubed with pitch and tar,
To be with her sweet William,
On board a man of war.
She washed the decks both fore and aft
In winds and tempest cold,
With her hands so soft she went aloft,
Like a jolly sailor bold,
She kept her place, with her pretty face
bedaubed with pitch and tar,
And no one Susan did suspect
On board a man of war.
When in the Bay of Biscay
she off like lightning flew.
Respected by her officers,
and all the jovial crew,
In battle she would boldly run;
Fearing neither wound or scar,
And done her duty by a gun,
On board a man of war.
She faced the walls of China,
where her life was not insured,
But little did young William think,
His Susan was on board,
By a cannon ball from the batteries,
she could receive a scar,
And she got slightly wounded,
On board a man of war.
When on the deck young Susan fell,
Of all the whole ships crew,
Her William was the very first,
To her assistance flew.
She said, my jolly sailor,
I've for you received a scar,
behold your faithful Susan bold,
On board a man of war.
Then William on his Susan gazed,
with wonder and surprise,
He stood some moments motionless,
while tears rolled from his eyes,
He cried instead of you
I had received that scar,
Oh! love, why did you venture,
On board of a man of war.
They often think upon the day
when she received a scar,
And Susan followed her true love,
On board a man of war,
At length to England they returned,
And quickly married were,
The bells did ring and they did sing,
And banished every care.

Not the only song where the maid followed her sailor on board.

Paul, printer, London. Firth c.12(240), Bodleian Collection. Other sheets vary slightly.

Opium War, 1839-1842, aimed at opening China to the British East India Company and the use of opium. Hong Kong was ceded to the British.