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Posted By: Jim Carroll
23-Sep-09 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: British Man of War
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: British Man of War
Peter Bellamy got 'British Man of War' from Walter Pardon. I'm sure those who were familiar with Walter knew that he was persuaded to put his family's songs onto tape by his nephew Roger - the tape was then passed on to Bill Leader via Peter Bellamy.
One of those first songs he recorded was B.M.O.W.
Here is the story of Walter recording himself for the first time.
Jim Carroll

"Anyhow, I set it up once and plugged in, I tell you, that was a good job; I was right nervous doing it.
I thought myself, I used to think I could manage to sing the old 'Rambling Blade'; I put it on and it sound so blooming horrible I wiped it right out, oh, that did sound dreadful; I don't think that was as bad perhaps as I thought it was, but that was a long while, I trying different things until, you know, I thought that was better as I kept hearing it, you see.
And I know that was about October, 1972 when I started it; Oh, I don't know, it took about up to Christmas time to fill one side; I used to forget there was verses in the songs, you see, I used to keep wiping it out and putting them on again. That took a long time to get them up into the pitch I could sing them in, not having sung the things.
Well I got one side done somewhere from the October up to the Christmas1972 this was. And I know when it come over to the following New Year I was in here one Saturday night and that was bitterly cold; oh, that was a wind frost, wind coming everywhere. I was that cold I had a big fire going one side and that little stove the other.
So I thought then I'd do some more taping. Anyhow, so I got warmed up, I had a strong dose of rum and milk, and I had another one. And so I got the tape recorder going, I can remember well enough; that was Caroline And Her Young Sailor, and when I finished it was the best I ever did do.
Well, I found out I drank more than I should, I had to keep right still. Well, I switched it off; that was true, in fact I was drunk, and then of course I went to bed, I never did have any more, and the next morning when I got up and tried it I knew I was, how that was coming out with all then words all slurred, so I wiped it all out.
Well I found then as I kept going, that it wouldn't pay to drink anything.
Anyhow, eventually that was filled up in the March, that was March 1973."