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Posted By: Soldier boy
24-Sep-09 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: The choir - Gareth Malone
Subject: RE: The choir - Gareth Malone
The footnote at the very end of the series did say that Gareth had agreed to stay on. I was so pleased to hear it, it brought a big beaming smile to my face and a lump in my throat.

When I switched on to the first programme I thought that I would not like it and that Gareth's project would not work in that community.
How wrong I was...I am delighted to say!

Rarely have I watched a series with so much raw human interest and emotion. I rooted for every individual to do well and I am not ashamed to say that I often had tears in my eyes and my heart would swell with pride, fit to burst, when they performed in those magnificent settings and occasions in front of, sometimes, hundreds and hundreds of people. It was brilliant and I have seldom been so moved by the telly. It was a pure and unadulterated story of naked human interest and it brought a warm glow to the hearts of millions.

This programme did suceed in changing peoples' lives for the better and brought together a disparate, derperate and disillusioned community. Powerful stuff.

The man himself, Gareth Malone, was so focused in his project and he, in turn, became the focus of inspiration to everyone he met.
It is very good that he is staying on to continue his brilliant work.
I guess that most of his hard work is done. Now that he has switched the community on and dispelled the doubters, I doubt that his choirs would just melt away back into concrete seclusion and despair; but he is still needed to act as a guide and mentor to act as their beacon of inspiration to keep the flame of hope,desire and self- belief alive in all those wonderful people.

Bless you, Gareth Malone; I wish there were thousands more just like you!