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Thread Name: Origins: The Century Plant ('Hobo' Jack Turner)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE CENTURY PLANT ('Hobo' Jack Turner)
The Century Plant

In the 1920s, a popular male vocal duet team, sponsored on radio by the Interwoven Sock Company, was Billy Jones and Ernest Hare, "The
Interwoven Pair". Thomas Ernest Hare (March 16, 1883 - March 9, 1939)
Born in Queens, NY. He was a baritone singer who, with his partner Billy Jones, recorded prolifically and appeared on radio during the 1920s and 1930s, as "The Happiness Boys".

As a soloist, Haree recorded under a bunch of pseudonyms, including
Wallace Daniels, Arthur Grant, Henry Jones, Robert Judson, Walter Lang, Walter Leslie, Roy Roberts, Bob Thomas, Bob Thompson, Frank Mann, AND 'Hobo' Jack Turner.

As 'Hobo' Jack Turner he recorded a 78 with a song called "The Century Plant."

Has this ever been reissued on CD? Is there sheet music for this song? Anybody have the complete lyric? Anyone know who wrote it or where it came from?

-Adam Miller


You know friends I had a sweetheart once,
and before I left her and went on the bum,
I gave her a little plant for remembrance and I said to her:

I am leaving but before I go
Take this plant for remembrance and each day watch it grow.
For I'll be gone about as long as it takes this plant to bloom
So be patient oh my darling - and sweetheart have no fears
But she did not know twas a century plant, that it blooms every 100 years.

Patiently she waited for that plant to bloom
She watered it oh so gently each morning night and noon
Her golden locks have turned to gray and she still can hear me say
So be patient oh my darling and sweetheart have no fears
But she still don't know after thirty five years she has sixty five more to go