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Posted By: Áine
08-Aug-00 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 37
Subject: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 37
It may just be the 'dog days of summer' affecting my brain cells, but I thought this little news story was a grand idea for a Song Challenge! Or maybe it was the recent Republican party convention in Philly that set me to thinking . . . even monsters could use a good theme song (and perhaps a political platform) . . .

There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth, Horatio . . . From creatures of the deep to massive mountain monsters, legends of shy prehistoric forms of wildlife persist throughout European culture and history. But now Norway has a rival to the famed Loch Ness monster of Scotland -- "Selma," a fabled serpent which has caught the attention of an international team of monster hunters. Reports of a beast in the lake first surfaced around 1750, and most accounts agree it looks like a serpent with the head of an elk or a horse. A giant trap for catching the creature, reputed to be a cousin of 'Nessie', has been set up in a lake in south Norway.

The 18-foot (6m) long tube-shaped trap, comprising a metal frame with nylon netting, is set to be lowered into Seljord lake in south Norway and will contain live fish for bait to catch "Selma." Over the next two weeks, the team will dangle the cage in the lake, near where sightings of the monster have been reported.

The latest attempt to catch Nessie's Norwegian cousin follows other sightings in Scandinavian countries. Swedish monster spotters have been kept busy in recent years with a rush of stories about a similar strain of serpent. Five years ago, a new legend was born in Lake Van, Turkey. Authorities recorded witness accounts of a monster-like dinosaur in the country's largest lake. And across the Atlantic, Canada has its own version of the mystery, the Ogopogo.

Sightings and claims of proof of inexplicable beings are most frequent in the United States. There, expanding archives of films, photographs and now Web sites attempt to prove the existence of an array of fantastic wildlife. But perhaps a lesson to nonbelievers comes from the South Pacific, where a giant race of squid, mythologized for centuries, turned out to be real. After remaining elusive for many years, more and more of the creatures, some measuring more than 60 feet long, are being caught by fishermen off Australia and New Zeland.

Go for it, Challenge!rs!!!