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06-Oct-09 - 07:49 AM
Thread Name: Where does Steve Suffet come from
Subject: RE: Where does Steve Suffet come from
There is a back story to the video, of course. At some point in the middle of his set Pete was supposed to call on Anne Price and me along with Ray Korona and Joel Landy (both at the left of the screen, Joel barely visible), and we were all going to perform Malvina Reynolds' The Faucets Are Dripping in Old New York City to accompany a trio of young interpretive modern dancers. However, the show was running late and Pete somehow forgot to get to that number before the time had come to end the festival, so the dancers never got to perform and we never got to sing that song.

The dancers were disappointed, but at least Anne and I got the chance to be in Pete's chorus for the entire set and back him up with out guitars on the finale. Meanwhile, the dancers did get to perform earlier in the day at another location in New York City with the four of us -- Ray, Joel, Anne, and me -- accompanying them. Pete was present and watching, but he had to pack his belongings to get to another gig and didn't have time to join us with his banjo.

I understand that Pete had four performances that day, all in different locations. First he was in New York City, then back in his hometown of Beacon, then in New York City again (as shown in the video), and finally in Nyack, a town about halfway home. And he's 90 years old!

--- Steve