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Posted By: reggie miles
08-Aug-00 - 11:22 PM
Thread Name: Teach me to Yodel
Subject: RE: Teach me to Yodel
One of my friends, in an obvious attempt to sidestep the yodel part of a song, just inserts the words (yodel-yodel-yodel). As a stand-up comic/songster it tickles'em every time. ;~)

dwditty, really tight underwear works too. ;~)

Seriously, finding the right key seems to help in all of this yodelin stuff. Trying to learn in the wrong key can produce sounds that are best left to the coyotes. Now that I think about it, emulating coyotes and wolves howling may have been how some of this yodeling stuff came into being in the first place. Their vocalizing happens in the same manner, from a low to a high pitch, it breaks in a very similar way. Who might hear this sort of sound every evening whilst sippin' some coffee round the ol' campfire, after a long day herdin' doggies on the open range, but a saddle weary cowboy.

submitted for your rebuttal.