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Posted By: gnomad
13-Oct-09 - 04:59 AM
Thread Name: Humphrey Smith - destroyer of British folk music
Subject: RE: Humphrey Smith
I followed Nick_'s link above; an interesting programme which I hadn't seen. Stories of HS's medieval attitude to the peasantry abound in the county, but I hadn't heard specifics before, other than the well-documented PRS issue, and second-hand stories of his treatment of some local landlords.

Other than supporting his victims, and boycotting his business interests, I am unsure how anyone can effectively oppose such behaviour. He seems to work carefully to remain (just) within the law. Litigation is clearly meat and drink to him, and having deep pockets he is able to outlast most opponents in that sphere.

As for his being "the scurge of modern day British society" I feel this is somewhat overstating the case, a scourge possibly, but there are others wielding greater power and influence whom I would put higher up the rankings.