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19-Oct-09 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Vietnam War
Subject: RE: Songs about Vietnam War
In this and the next two posts are three poems wrought by my meager hand.


                The monsoon's hot rain had washed away
                Day's light. We could not see, yet knew
                The fight to come. We huddled there
                In the mud, weapons in our hands.
                Ready to die, hoping to live,
                        Not knowing which would be.
                There is no way out save dying.
                I cannot just get up and leave.
                I cannot change yesterday's dead.
                I cannot help my buddies through
                        This hell to come tonight.
                                                There - in the wire!
                        A shadowed form slips in to blow
                        Us apart, then die.
                                                Stop him NOW!
                        But no one can.
                The Captain is dead in the blast.
                Screams and shouts and shots fill the air.
                Confusion is all about me.
                I fire and fire at ghostly figures.
                I shall die, still I fire at them
                        As the wave breaks over us.
                Artillery and rockets strike.
                Some ours, some theirs. But yet, the dead
                Do not know, nor care, which side sent
                The killing shot. There is no flag
                To wave over the wasted lives.
                        To furl over the graves.
                In the dawn as the smoke drifts by
                Haggard spectres rise and gather
                Over those dead and dying men
                To count the cost; to ease the pain
                Of the wounded and the untouched.
                        And to ask, "Why not me?"
                Still, twenty years after that night,
                I sit and cry for those who died
                Where I should have. I cannot change
                The loss, but yet I feel the hurt
                For I am here and they are not.
                        "Why?" I ask again, "Why?"