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Posted By: SaltyWalt
20-Oct-09 - 12:36 AM
Thread Name: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Subject: RE: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Actually, I agree with both camps about this songs line length-- You have a point Mr Clayton, with your suggestion it would be a haliard chantey, and it works better. That being said, Barry chose to sing a lot of songs that by the usual standards and metrics "didn't work" and he "Didn't give a flying F**k" He sang em any and loved em hard and in public. He was drawn to unusual structures (Think of what he did to make the "Yangtze River Shantey" singable.

I've had to sing versions of "Leave Her Johnny" at too many funerals this year, and I'm sorry, I get it, but it's too overdone in our community. Besides Jerry Bryant already stole that basic tune for his tribute to Stan. Let's give Barry one that relates more to him.

For that reason I worked with the original and lyrics, pinched and pieced together two of his favorite perfomance pieces to give a tune that is mornful, soulful, and ends on an up beat err. . . note.

Those of you who stood next to him late at night at sings will know which two I chose.
It's not hard.

Perhaps you can tidy up what I was trying to do, and you can improve it. If you get it, great, If not, well this is how we'll sing it in 'ol Frisco.

After all I've had no internet all week so I'm reading this thread for the first time tonight, and made the recording I hope to post in about 10 minutes. I'll post it or a link to it, err, as soon as I figure out how. . .