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Posted By: Jeri
20-Oct-09 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Subject: RE: A Shanty for Barry Finn
Barry once convinced me to sing Warren Zevon's 'Carmelita' at one of our sea music sessions, just because he loved it (even if he did keep insisting that "Smith Corona" should be "Smith & Wesson" because a junkie with a typewriter didn't make sense to him). I think there might have been some aerodynamic copulation commentary involved. ("Barry, I can't--it's not a sea song!" Barry: "So? I don't give a...") So I sang it, and it was a right dog's breakfast because I couldn't find a key that would let us both sing melody. He didn't much care about the mess either. You screw something up, you have fun doing it, laugh and move on.

I'll have to look for a completely inappropriate place to sing that song now. Of course, I now hear a lot of similarity between the tune for 'Carmelita' and 'Leave Her, Johnny'.